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Aug. 23rd, 2015

Sot planning

(copied from FB so my non-FB friends can see. Looking at you...)

Took a break and sat in the yard, with the fountain running, drinking a G&T (the world's best hot weather drink thankyouverymuch). This made me re-ponder the EtOH problem with Burning Man. The problem is one of planning. What do I bring for a week? Not just for me, but I need stuff to share. My rule of thumb has been a six pack of beer per day+. Plus maybe means a fifth of bourbon for Old Fashioneds.

But that's for a loner year. A year when I show up all alone and camp somewhere random and meet the invariably cool neighbors. Seriously, never had bad neighbors. This year I'm taking the Burner Express (bus) in and camping in HOVerlandians. There may be 300 people in this camp. Many of them are virgins. (let's take a moment for mind-boggle. You've never been here. you're taking a bus in. You have to bring your camping gear, food, water and booze for a week in a couple bags. They are going to be short on booze. I think).

I'm planning on doing a cocktail thing and bring mixings for a gallon of Manhattans. Plus my usual (see above) six pack per day. is that enough? What about morning Mimosas? G&T's (again, see above). Martinis? Oh, wait, there's a Martini camp next door, that's ok.

And then there's the excess problem. I've always had leftovers at the end, but there's a drop-off spot to help the people who stay after the event to clean up. The bus isn't likely to make that stop. Probably need to make a last minute stop at HOTD (Heart of the Desert? Hair of the Dog? I forget, but they keep getting an award for last bar standing)

Decisions, decisions.

(and I really hope spell check has been kind, that second G&T might have hit me a bit).


                               Black Rock City                               
               Location:  W119°12'10.0", N40°47'19.0",  1191m                
                 (Longitude referred to Greenwich meridian)                  
                    Time Zone:  7h 00m west of Greenwich                     
      Date         Begin      Rise  Az.   Transit Alt.    Set  Az.     End
     (Zone)        Astron.                                            Astron.
                  Twilight                                           Twilight
                     h  m     h  m   °      h  m  °       h  m   °      h  m
2015 Aug 30 (Sun)   04:44    06:22  77     12:57 58S     19:33 282     21:10      
2015 Aug 31 (Mon)   04:45    06:23  78     12:57 58S     19:31 282     21:08      
2015 Sep 01 (Tue)   04:47    06:24  78     12:57 57S     19:29 281     21:06      
2015 Sep 02 (Wed)   04:48    06:25  79     12:56 57S     19:28 281     21:04      
2015 Sep 03 (Thu)   04:49    06:26  79     12:56 57S     19:26 280     21:02      
2015 Sep 04 (Fri)   04:51    06:27  80     12:56 56S     19:24 280     21:00      
2015 Sep 05 (Sat)   04:52    06:28  80     12:55 56S     19:23 279     20:58      

                            Black Rock City                           
            Location:  W119°12'10.0", N40°47'19.0",  1191m            
              (Longitude referred to Greenwich meridian)              
                 Time Zone:  7h 00m west of Greenwich                 
      Date               Rise  Az.       Transit Alt.       Set  Az.
                          h  m   °         h  m  °          h  m   °
2015 Aug 30 (Sun)        20:12  91        01:26 44S        07:26 265                 
2015 Aug 31 (Mon)        20:50  85        02:22 49S        08:40 272                 
2015 Sep 01 (Tue)        21:29  79        03:17 54S        09:52 278                 
2015 Sep 02 (Wed)        22:10  74        04:12 58S        11:03 284                 
2015 Sep 03 (Thu)        22:53  70        05:07 62S        12:11 288                 
2015 Sep 04 (Fri)        23:39  67        06:02 65S        13:16 292                 
2015 Sep 05 (Sat)                         06:56 66S        14:15 294                 

Apr. 30th, 2015

MI Summer Beer Festival

Tickets for the Summer Beer Festival are on sale now. Drink Michigan Beer!

Mar. 22nd, 2015

That's ok

It was actually a pretty innocuous comment about how two companies differ in who is assigned to what task. Shrug and move on. That's me motto.

Nov. 19th, 2014

Behind, as usual

Why no. I haven't done anything with the Windycon photos yet. But, I have an excuse. I had a cat on my lap the last two evenings.

Aug. 19th, 2014

Phone, damn phones, and cell phones

You may, or may not, know, but I don't like phones. I dislike talking on them, I dislike them ringing and interrupting me, I dislike needing to call people.

I especially dislike cell phones. You take all of the annoyance of a ringing phone, and then you tie yourself to it all day no matter where you are. Not only do you let it interrupt you, you let it interrupt those nearby. I especially hate, hate, hate the way a ringing cell phone is always more important to people than the physical person standing right in front of them.

But... they have their uses. The airport cell phone lot is a real plus for picking people up. When I go to Burning Man, it's good to have a phone. This was really the case the year that Capital One decided to cancel my credit card due to suspicious purchases in the city I had bought airfare to using their card. So, I've borrowed phones, and purchased paygo phones. Both answers are poor. While I could probably keep borrowing, it burns karma. Paygo phones have to keep having money added, if you go 6-9 months without using them they become a brick and you have to go buy a new one. Also the pre-purchased minutes expire making them rather pricy.

As I'm heading out to Burning Man Saturday, I needed to add money to the most recent paygo, and it's been too long. I have another brick.

All this is an intro to a sad fact. I now own a real cell phone. This is only due to the fact that Ting will not cancel the damn thing out for non-use so long as you pay the $6/month minimum. That's $72/year (ouch), but I've probably lost that much with the previous paygo over the year I had it.

I can hear the question already: "Can I have your number?". The answer is almost certainly: "No, you can't". Even if you could, it wouldn't do you any good. This thing will seriously live its life sitting in a drawer with the power turned fully off. It will only come out for trips when I may possibly need emergency contact.

May. 8th, 2014

All change is not good.

Facebook has Throwback Thursday. LiveJournal used to have HNT (Half Naked Thursday). Tell me again how FB is better than LJ? 'Cause I'm not seeing it.

Mar. 27th, 2014

Ghu no

The kid who's becoming the 'manager' wants to move us from our current bug tracking system (TeamForge) and source repository (svn) to ... a Microsoft product.

I've been through so many of these change overs. They always suck.

Mar. 6th, 2014

It is to cry

"We don't want to use TCP/IP we want Ethernet/IP"

For those playing the home game, Ethernet/IP is Ethernet Industrial Protocol which *uses* TCP/IP to communicate. The /IP means different things, but you'd think anyone who knew enough to know that, would have known it's just a layer.

Dec. 4th, 2013

"Don't ask me what I think of you..."

Pondering again the Dunning-Kruger effect. Then again, the fact that it so rings true with me might just be confirmation bias on my part. Maybe you think you're too bright, and not susceptible to this, but you're wrong. Mind, you won't believe that because facts to the contrary will just make me dig in my heels. Then again all these studies are psych, which is a bit of a poster child for crap research.

(Sorry for the transitions from I to you. I couldn't get it to read right with all "I". Just assume all "You"'s mean "I")

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